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Representation of our Foundation, in the Ukraine, has been opened in Mariupol located on the coast of the Sea of Azov, in the war zone, 20 km from the demarcation line.

According to an independent survey of volunteers Animal-id.info that was carried out in the above-mentioned city, the number of homeless dogs amounts to 2975, and in Bachmut – 672. Homeless cats were not counted, however, it is estimated that their number exceeds the number of dogs 4 or 5 times.

In Mariupol, the second largest city in the Donetsk region, which population is 500 000, there is only 1 animal shelter, with barely 150 wards.

As the hostilities are carried out in close proximity, and the surrounding areas have been partially or completely destroyed, people have left their family homes, without taking their pets. Pets, previously domestic, and now, wandering the streets in large numbers, moved closer towards the city where they can get food.

The length of the demarcation line is about 450 kilometers. There are cities as large as: Kramatorsk, Sławjansk, Wołnowacha, Drużkowka, Awdiejewka, as well as dozens of settlements and villages, where there was no inventory, but the situation is also alarming. It reffers to all localities which are close to the demarcation line and those that are controlled by the Ukraine.

At temporarily occupied territories of the Ukraine, to which the following large cities belong: Donetsk, Ługańsk, Makiejewka with population between 500 000 and 1 000 000, as well as dozens of smaller towns and villages which, at present, are not under the control of the Ukrainian authorities. About the current situation, we can find out only from residual information from volunteers. In those areas, most people live on the verge of survival (average salary in terms of zlotys amounts to about 400 PLN, although, prices of food products are twice as high as in Poland).

Animals are in such a condition that it is impossible to maintain peace of mind while talking about the problem. Due to lack of trapping programmes, sterilization, placing animals in shelters, their number has reached catastrophic proportions. In order to control their numbers, barbaric methods are used – poisoning and shooting.

To the temporarily occupied Donbass, representatives of charitable foundations are not allowed in, with the exception of the largest and most famous which deliver humanitarian aid to people. An access to that area is significantly hampered, and nobody cares about animals.


Together with you, our Foundation desires to implement the programme of feeding  even some of these poor animals that have been completely deprived of human care.

At present, in the Donetsk region, it is a strong frost and about 10-20 cm of snow fell. Cases of animal deaths due to hunger and cooling increased by more than tenfold.

In order to implement the welfare programme for animals thrown into the street due to hostilities, funds for the purchase of food and installaton of feeders are absolutely necessary. We place all hope in good and sensitive people who will help orphaned pets to survive until spring break.

Every penny is at a premium, and may save any tiny life!

The demand for food in Mariupol itself is 200 kg per day, and throughout the war zone – much, much more. The sum to be collected:

Don’t be indifferent, they are OUR SMALLER BROTHERS!


Serce Anioła

Foundation in Poland


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