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In Donbass, thousands of animals are dying of starvation and diseases!

Crisis in humanity, very high prices, ruin, diseases and hunger… Moreover, animal shelters located in the war zone come under artillery fire. Help the defenceless survive!

The number of abandoned animals, dying in terrible conditions, hungry and injured, is very high. The war is in its fourth year, there are a huge number of victims, therefore, in the streets you can meet more and more abandoned dying animals. The whole world knows about this horrific war – the fourth year of shelling continues, many have already died, others live in constant fear…

Many animals are sick and injured, dying of hunger, on chains and enclosed in homes. Animals must necessarily be sterilised to inhibit their reproduction. Homeless mongrels and abandoned thoroughbred dogs (and their number is catastrophically high), who managed to survive, are shelled or poisoned. Every day they have had is a real hell; they struggle to survive.

A few times, shells hit the same shelters, windows are broken, in some shelters shards smashed walls and roofs. There is often no electricity and gas, water and heating. Viral infections are also taking their toll. People are calling and crying – watching poor animals die causes terrible pain. Those little skeletons are roaming everywhere like shadows. They need to be fed, at least.

We raise funds to help 66 shelters, at the same time (thousands of animals). Many shelter caregivers are pensioners and invalids, the oldest person is 85. Some of them lived, for a long time, without a pension, they even lost the ability to moonlight to their paltry salary,They don’t even have computer and Internet skills,  they do not have cameras or mobile phones with cameras (even if they had, they left them in pawn shops, at the beggining of the war, in order to feed animals). Each of caregivers cares for 10 to 160 animals. They receive virutally no aid, and supplies are nearly exhausted. We cannot allow thousands of animals to be on the streets, again.

Let’s together help the animals!


Serce Anioła


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