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The torturers strangled Ivan with a collar, tied him to a tree in the forest and abandoned to die in terrible torments….!

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Suma Darowizny $26.34

The torturers strangled Ivan with a collar, tied him to a tree in the forest and abandoned to die in terrible torments….!

Volunteers from Zaporozhye asked the representative office of our Foundation for support in treatment to another victim of degenerates.

Another victim… Dear God, where are you in such moments? Are you really just watching from above what people do?

Our volunteers have been called in again, and that means that our lesser brothers are suffering again… Once again… When it will finally end?!

We could not imagine, even in the worst dreams, such an animal abuse. Why why why…?!

May the suffering of animals really bring any satisfaction to those who call themselves human beings, and they really aren’t?

Ivan was found by a family of tourists who came to the forest for a weekend rest. The dog was tied to a tree, did not make any sounds – as if he was ready to die. A swarm of flies flew over his tenuous body, and the wound on the neck was swarming with larvae which devoured him alive… Ivan had a collar ingested up to the larynx, pus mixed with dried blood was leaking from the wound.

People who found him (huge thanks to them!) carefully untied the dog, wrapped him in a blanket and drove to the vet clinic  recommended by our volunteers, during a phone call. 

Ivan had a fever, when he was brought to the clinic, his body temperature reached nearly 40°c. A vet, after preliminary examination, said that a little more and the dog would get sepsis and it would not be possible to save him. The wound on the neck is more than a week old and during this time, part of the tissue on his neck died. Besides, Ivan has a stifled trachea and throat, so we don’t know how he was able to breathe…

In addition, the dog has a severe spinal injury, due to which he loses sensation in the hind legs which makes it difficult to move. Our new ward is dehydrated and starved. Kidney function is disturbed, so the dog is not able to urinate on his own.

At the moment, Ivan is in the clinic where he is properly cared and treated, and it will be long-lasting and very expensive process.

Also, the dog can not eat on its own, that’s why volunteers feed him through a probe. So far, the vets haven’t made any prognosis regarding his recovery; we hope and believe that everything will go well.

Ivan is in a state of severe stress, whenever he sees a man, he immediately begins to howl and crawl around the box.

When the dog recovers, he will need the help of an animal psychologist. Only such a therapist can help him return to a normal life. He has suffered too much by man…

Dear ones, this is not the first time when we ask you for support. You have never been indifferent to the problems of our wards. Can we hope that also this time you will not leave us alone?

Let’s heal Ivan together!!!