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Levin is another poor dog hit by a car… Let’s not leave it without any help!

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Living is another poor dog hit by a car… Let’s not leave it without any help!

To the agency of our Foundation, volunteers requested for help in paying for doggy treatment that has been the victim of a traffic accident.

Pain, incredible pain… How unjust this life is: be born and live on the street is big cruelty, let alone accidents.

„People, so many people are standing above me, looking into my eyes, feeling sorry because I am in a serious condition. But… there is some hope, they are looking for a vet! Maybe this terrible pain will pass and the vet helps, they always help, after all. It hurts so much…


The vet appeared and the words fell<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>TO PUT TO SLEEP… Do they think I don’t understand their words? After all, I feel like any other living beings! Last time I look at the sun. So much I wanted to live to spring and warmth. I’m looking at these good faces of the people around me and I seem to ask: FOR WHAT??? I want to live so desperately, it doesn’t even hurt me anymore, the pain subsides on the threshold of death…”

This is how the day of one of our volunteers began. He spent two hours stopping these “good” people and vets and all this “good” of the universe in order to save the dog not so much from pain and injuries but simply from death.

I will not assess the actions of those persons now, you can say that evereything happened beyond the law. The worst part is that in our country it is necessary to prove that the law exists…

But I don’t understand: how those „good” people could even look into this dog’s eyes, how they could live with the awareness that they killed a living being…

We called the dog Living, which is probably the most appropriate name for it, after what the poor creature went through, Now the dog is being treated in a good clinic where it is under the watchful eye of experienced veterinarians.

During the examination in the clinic the dog has been measured temperature, fortunately within the limits of the norm. No blood has been found in the urine. Living has had an x-ray of the paw, x-rays still cool, but you can see an open fracture… The dog’s also had a tick that has been removed 😉 So far, that’s about it, of course except drips that are to lead the dog out of pain shock.

The dog is not young, therefore, after such an injury much bad can happen, e.g. heart problems. But could you kill an animal just because it has a broken paw? People, wake up! It’s a crying shame…

The road to hell is paved with good intentions<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>– these are situations when people confuse good intentions with good deeds. Good deeds is to find transport, take the suffering animal to the clinic, take responsibility for treatment and its further fate. And when I hear that you need to put to sleep with a simple fracture, when an animal can really be rescued, it makes my blood boil. To put to sleep so that it does not suffer? Such a poor creature is put to sleep, and how can you go on, throwing out of your head such a one misfortunate existence. Not everyone is like that, we do not intend to generalize.

Dear, the old Living needs support to recover. Will you help the poor guy?