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Let’s save tiny Talita’s life. This midget needs immediate treatment!

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Let’s save tiny Talita’s life. This midget needs immediate treatment!

Volunteers from Zaporizhia requested the agency of our Foundation for  financial assistance.

The little bitch walked in circles on a busy street, most likely it was hit by a car. Her eyeball literally hung in the balance. Random good-hearted people reported on the situation, therefore, we rushed to the indicated location. When we brought Talita to the clinic, the doogie trembled, was shocked and suffered from severe pain. Veterinarians gave the dog an analgesic injection, then they introduced the poor creature into a pharmacological coma; it was oxygen tubbed. The treatment plan for cerebrospinal trauma was developed.

However, the vets have not confirmed our speculation that the dog had suffered a traffic accident because there are no other signs of being hit by a car: abrasions, scratches or dirt. While hitting the head is the most likely, in this case.

Talita is in a really critical condition, most of the time it is unconscious, when it regains consciousness, it just cries and shakes. The poor creature can’t cope with the consequences of craniocerebral trauma despite of the excellent and vigilant care of veterinarians and volunteers.

Tiny Talita is connected to a special apparatus that monitors her breathing, heart rate and temperature. When it’s really bad, Talita is introduced into a pharmacological coma so that she does not suffer.

When we have animals with such serious injuries, whose prognosis are really unknown, we reflect on a decision that should be made: if we should fight to the last breath or let it pass away, put it down. It’s not easy. Our Foundation aims at helping and saving lifes of  innocent beings, most often harmed by a man. This time we are also not willing to give up.

Will you support us? We desperetaly need Your help…!